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Enrolled Teams: 5

Entry Fee: 0 credits per team

Arena: Xbox: Fortnite Doubles

Start Time: 08/10/2018 @ 9:15PM EST

Region: NA

1st - $5 unlocks at 8 teams! $10 unlocks at 16 teams! $25 unlocks at 32 teams!

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All matches must be played on their associated platforms. Cross Platform play is not permitted. The correct matchmaking region must be selected within challenge options. Failure to use the correct matchmaking region in-game will result in a forfeit of the map.

Keyboards are not allowed on console tournaments. All matches must be played with the native controller for the console.


The top team in the bracket is the host of the first game. Bottom team hosts last 2 games. 1v1 Matches: The hosting team should invite their opponent to a Duos game lobby. 2v2 Matches: The hosting team should invite their opponent to a Squad game lobby. Once together matchmaking within the correct region should begin.

How to play:

A standard Battle Royale round shall be played per map. Kills made after a match has concluded will not count. A match is considerd concluded once all players from both teams have died. Example: Players A,B, and C are all dead. Player D is still standing. If Player A gets a kill, that kill will count towards the team's overall score. The second that player D dies, no other kills that occur after Player D's death will be counted.

Tie Game:

In the event of a tie, the team which remained alive the longest shall win the map. If both teams survive to the end of the round, the team who achieved the final kill shall win the map.

Team Killing:

Teams are permitted to work together, however, you may not intentionally cause the death of your opponent. This includes sabotaging structures, causing fall damage, or any other negative interference in your opponents gameplay. Doing so will result in a forfeit of the map.Video proof must be provided which clearly shows any of the above as well as all Gamertags.


In the event of a disconnect, the kills at the point of disconnect shall stand. The disconnect time shall be counted as time of death. Proof Requirements: All teams should provide video proof of the following: Team Kills, Opponent Kills, Opponent time of death.


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Team Name


Deluxe Brothers Not Eligible


Ankzs and iitylerEligible

The boyssEligible