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  • Joined: 04-26-17
  • Xbox: Yoda wS
  • Playstation: AcoIsGod
  • PC:
  • Amount Won: $41.4
  • Record: 83 - 57

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aco's Trophies

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aco's Teams

Team Name Arena Wins Losses Rank
Aco and OBJPS4: Fortnite Doubles000th
Aco is GodPS4: Fortnite Singles101st
Finally PCCross Platform: Fortnite Doubles528th
Aco TestPS4: NBA 2k19 Singles000th
Aco and OBJ BO4PS4: Black Ops 4 Doubles000th
Squad!!PS4: Black Ops 4 Team000th
Aco is not GodPS4: Rocket League Singles000th
Squad!!!PS4: Rocket League Doubles000th
Aco is a GodCross Platform: Fortnite Singles855th