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When does the tournament start?
The tournament will start at the time that is written in the "info" section of the tournament, where it says "Start time".

When will brackets be out?
The brackets will be out within a few minutes of the tournament start time. Example: The tournament start time is 7PM EST, the bracket will be out by approximately 7:02PM EST.

My opponent has not accepted my friend request/won't join my game, what do i do?
Each team has 15 minutes from the scheduled start time of the match to show up and play. If they do not join, make sure you take proof, and report that you won the match.

I reported that we won. It has been 1 minute and I am still not advanced! 
Have some patience. We here at RunGood are awesome, however, we are not wizards. You will be advanced within approximately 5 minutes of your reported match.

I have been waiting 53 minutes for the match below me to have a winner advanced, what is going on?
Have some patience. They may still be playing, or there may be an issue with their match and we are working on resolving the issue. You will have an opponent shortly, don't worry.

How do I make an account?
Click the tab that says "Login/Register." Fill in the required information, and you are registered. From there, you can log in and start playing.

How do i sign up for a tournament?
Click on the tournament you want to sign up for, and then click on the tab that says "sign up."

How do I invite my friend to my team?
On the top of the page where it says your username, click on the three lines. Click on "my teams," then click on manage. Send your friend an invite by typing in their username.

Where will the brackets be? E-mail? Twitter? Telepathically?
We are working on telepathy, but for now it is on the website in the same section you signed up for the tournament in.

I think my opponents are using keyboards in a PS4 tournament, what do I do?
You must submit valid proof. Just because he can build a wall base faster than you, does not mean he is keyboarding.

I forgot to ask for host, and my opponent hosted both maps. Forfeit?
No. You do not win because you forgot to get the host. If you didn't win the game, you lost.

Where does the prize money go? My paypal? E-mail? TELEPATHICALLY?
Again, we are working on telepathy, but for now it will be in the "my wallet" section of your profile.

I withdrew money from my wallet. It has been 5 minutes, and it is still not in my paypal? SCAMMERS??
We here at RunGood are very awesome, but again, not wizards. As stated in the section where you withdrew the money: Withdrawals are processed in the order they are received during standard business hours. Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST. 
You will not get it within 5 minutes if you withdraw at midnight. We are sleeping and you should be too.

How much to enter a tournament?
It is stated in the "info" section of the tournament beside "entry fee."

Why does my team say "ineligible?" 
Your team is ineligible because you do not enough players on your roster. Example: It is a 2V2 tournament and you are the only one on your roster, you need to invite your team mate to the team.

I won a tournament with a cash prize. Where is the money?
Your prize will be put into your "bank." From there, you can withdraw it if you choose, or you may use it for future pay-to-play tournaments.